Covid-19 provides an opportunity to "reset" the economy for a more sustainable future, he says.

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Oh shut up to stupid've been saying the same shit for as long as I've been alive...and guess what....were still here, sadly.

What you mean is that the fucking LOONS are going to get worse spouting all their bollocks of Doom and Gloom, the skies falling, the waters are rising, the snow is yellow whatever the wonder your twat of a son has turned out the way he is..The older one is keeping his head down and carrying on with the family business which is commendable all things considering.


Who could fail top be impressed by the scientific opinion of the Homeopath in chief, defender of all religions and best friend of the weather potato?

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2020-33-Mo 05:33:15 am

Who could fail top be impressed by a call from the Homeopath in chief ?

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