Boris Johnson says he doesn't want another lockdown - but national measures may need to be tightened.

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OBVIOUSLY. Many said there'd be a "second wave" as long ago as March. Otherwise, what would be the point of the first wave, except to pave the way for the second, more fascistic one?

All on schedule for the Great Reset, a ramping up to slave tyranny in 2021, the cashless "Beast" economy.

We can still stop this monster in its track by refusing any more to acquiesce.


Called it. Time to stand up. No one tells me how to live my life regardless of the "danger"

There is NO "second wave". Just crazy fat people. Even if their was and it was actually deadly, what the fuck is the point of cowering in fear until you die naturally anyway.

DO NOT COMPLY, No masks, no rule of twatting 6.

~Braveheart time MoFo


Of course there is complete fucking LOON, you should've stuck to 'Have I Got News For You' you were alot more credible you're just a mouthpiece for whatever scum that is behind all this bullshittery...Just in time to make the end of this shit fucking year just that extra special SHITTY...fuck you and whoever has got there hands up you're arse.


This whole "second wave" thing is so coated in fear by the media and politicians it's utterly insane! Shut people off from the world and then open it up again when the numbers have lowered and of course you're going to see a rise in cases! Good grief, how have we allowed ourselves to be governed and spoken down to by such a bunch of muppets across politics, TV news and papers?!


No mention of hospital admissions, ICU numbers or deaths, you piece of fucking scum?

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