The social media giant is facing a backlash over plans to encrypt messages across its platforms.

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Those who give up liberty for safety and security will get neither. Pearl-clutchers always use "won't someone think of the children" as a prelude to erode our rights. Sick fucks will move on to another encrypted platform, all that this'll do is leave hundreds of millions of innocents at the mercy of their (tyrannical) governments.


Every time governments want to spy on private citizens. They always get useful idiots to shout: "Think about the children".

What did the Police do before they were able to spy on people's private messages. They must not have been able to catch and prosecute any criminals. God forbid that they have to get off their fat asses and actually do proper investigations.

Did snooping prevent the 19,000 girls being raped last year be grooming gangs.

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