The broadcaster spoke candidly about how George Floyd's death affected her mental health.

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BBC praises BBC employee for being soooo BBC - this shit is making me puke


Clara Amfo praised for emotional anti-racism speech on Radio 1

How is this news again?

"Someone somewhere praises someone for saying something." Well, hold the fucking presses!

My missus praised the job I did when I cut the lawn at the weekend. Lovely straight stripes in the grass I got, she was well pleased. Think I might ring the BBC later, get them to come round and cover it.

PS: Daily reminder to cancel your fucking license. Stop delaying and do it today. Let's put these fuckers in the history books where they belong.


Happily for me, I haven't listened to Radio 1 for decades. But, TBH, I think they need to pick someone with a bit more of what she calls 'mental strength'. Pull yourself together for fuck's sake.


..... by less than 1,000 people. 65 million people in UK BBC.


I'M A VICTIM!!!! SOB SOB. It's all about ME!! Boo hoo. I'm using Poor Floyd's death to bring that beautiful martyr's spotlight onto ME. And don't you forget it. Fake tears. Fake tears.

How did I do? Wink. Wink.


Clara Amfo : Hates Whites...Can't Leave Them Alone.


Even when a black person has black privilege and a good job they still aren't fucking happy.


If you hate white western society why dont you just fuck off?!

You certainly wont be missed you fat ugly cunt!

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