YouTube star Nikki Lilly on not hating the haters, being yourself and her Bafta "highest honour".

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Ugly is a descriptive word, it has uses. It should not be a crime to use it for its intended uses.

Definition of ugly: 1a: offensive to the sight : HIDEOUS b: offensive or unpleasant to any sense 2: morally offensive or objectionable corruption—the ugliest stain of all 3a: likely to cause inconvenience or discomfort the ugly truth b: SURLY, QUARRELSOME an ugly disposition 4: FRIGHTFUL, DIRE


Whereas I genuinely feel sorry for this poor girl, the BBC and other media outlets need to stop being the modern day equivalent of some Victorian freak show by constantly giving her exposure (I'm sure she is on the BBC's payroll).

Its a vicious circle, the more you publicise her the more trolls you will entice towards her.

You dont care about this girl you are just using her affliction to push your own agenda.

Leave her be you horrible cunts!


I was eating my breakfast ffs

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