The Lib Dems and SNP say it is unfair to be excluded from Tuesday's ITV general election leaders debate.

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You see, in a liberal democracy, when you don't get your own way, you order your Common Purpose plants in the judiciary to force your will to be done.


I hope these two party leaders will support my claim to a podium at the same debate. I represent the "me" party, and in the interests of impartiality I should have my political policies discussed.

Not voting for the two who were invited, or the two whining they didn't get a place. ITV fill your boots!


So much for the "But it's a privately owned independent company, it can do what it likes" argument.

Though, someone really should tell Jo&Co that legal proceedings require a violated law to be argued/defended.


You all need to protest by running as third party candidates


Quite so! How dare the people who have already lost the debate over whether we remain in the EU have a platform that enables them to put up their tired old arguments in the vain hope that they might be able to have another go at persuading the electorate that they were right and the majority were wrong, when the result of said referendum still hasn't been put into effect! Utter retards, the lot of them!!!

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