Democrats hold a 220-212 majority in the House, with the midterm elections still more than a year away.

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Right - And what about the left? They pushed a huge lie for 4 years which they are still pushing. For 4 years we heard Democrat leaders tell us that they had absolute proof that Trump had personally colluded with Russia, with Putin to manipulate and overturn the election from Hillary. They lied there NEVER was any! We had millions of dollars and countless hours of investigation done including threats and pressure against American citizens to jail them and financially ruin them and their families if they did not provide testimony against Trump which would help prosecutors destroy Trump. We had garbage lies used UNDER OATH to secure FISA warrants to spy on citizens related to Trump in order to spy on Trump. All this and much more and yet nobody bothers to suggest that Democrats and the left should be prohibited from being the majority because of lies and conspiracy theories which divided. Oh nooooooooo. Those were Constitutionally necessary for the health and welfare of our Democracy. Meanwhile, what investigations have we had regarding Biden's fraud? None! What hearings ? None? What pressure against his family and inner circle? None! No Biden was good day one. Nothing to see here, but Trump is still under investigation.

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