History. It's a curious thing. We learn from it, or at least we should, and we try to use it as a guide for the present and the future. Of course, we all interpret it a bit differently. At the close of World War II in 1945, the nation of Germ...

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When faced with something like the Stasi there is a simple cure. A quiet knife, a gunshot out of nowhere, a sudden explosion, whatever is needed to accomplish two tasks.

  1. Kill the Stasi agents and make recruitment of new ones harder.
  2. For informants, a solid beating could be enough to warn them off. If they have sold someone out then they must die for their sins. If allowed to prosper and grow they will go far beyond what the FBI currently does to falsely incriminate folks and jail them, or worse turn them on their friends to do further damage.

Snip: The Stasi had a reputation as seemingly having been everywhere and knowing virtually everything. Nonetheless, there were nowhere near enough actual members of the Stasi itself to have been that effective in controlling the population. Rather, as the paragraph above makes clear, the Stasi used the people of East Germany against themselves to help them keep dissension suppressed, political opposition crushed and, most dreadfully, the population intimidated. In other words, the Stasi didn't need to be everywhere all the time because it had effectively made the people of East Germany their own enemies! Fear was the most useful and effective tool that the Stasi employed.

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