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This faggot claims he's concerned about young men and women while simultaneously claiming that 3000 Americans deserved to die on 9/11. I hope someone shoots this retarded communist in his face.


Well, I kind of agree. But I doubt Hassan Piker and I would like the same outcomes. We SHOULD pull out our troops from EVERY country around the world. We should stop ALL forign aid. We should close our borders and let the world take care of itself from now own. We should issue an edict of "no war, or total war. We will buy what we need from whoever. If a single person comes to the US from another country and kills a US citizen on US soil or on a US flagged ship, we nuke that country to whatever hell they belive in. No more policeing the world. Either be our allies, or nuetral. We will never send troops across our borders. Only nukes. We do not care if your country has famine. Or warlords. Or muslims. Or natural disasters. We will not police you or help you. If you have a product to be sold, that is fine. But that is all. Oh, by the way, we planted a flag on the moon. Stay off it. It is ours."

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