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[Though Republicans won't lift a finger to protect the free speech rights of their own constituents on social media they're more than happy to violate their rights by outlawing boycotts of the foreign state of Israel.]

[The Republican governor of South Dakota signed an executive order on Tuesday prohibiting state offices from conducting business with companies boycotting Israel. The recent move made by Republican, Kristi Noem, has made South Dakota the 28th state to have adopted the anti-BDS law.]

[Journalist Abby Martin revealed last week that she was blocked from delivering a keynote speech at Georgia Southern University for refusing to "sign a contractual pledge to not boycott Israel" to comply with Georgia's anti-Boycott, Divest and Sanctions law and suggested Trump's executive order may have played a part.]



Daniel Horowitz: Now 18 of 27 GOP governors are requesting refugee resettlement – without any dissent:

[despite record illegal immigration draining resources in the states, 15 GOP governors requested refugee resettlement, after the State Department required their consent in order for contractors to begin resettling in a given jurisdiction. Now, as conservatives remain complacent in this fight, 18 GOP governors have requested resettlement: Kim Reynolds of Iowa, Doug Ducey of Arizona, Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma, Bill Lee of Tennessee, Doug Burgum of North Dakota, Kristi Noem of South Dakota, Chris Sununu of New Hampshire, Gary Herbert of Utah, Pete Ricketts of Nebraska, Jim Justice of West Virginia, Eric Holcomb of Indiana, Phil Scott of Vermont, Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, Mike DeWine of Ohio, Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas, Mike Parsons of Missouri, Brad Little of Idaho, Larry Hogan of Maryland]


Paul Bedard: Refugees cost taxpayers $60:-$130K – more than for illegal immigrants:

[“Specifically, we find that the average refugee will cost around $60,000 in net present value over his or her lifetime, with adult refugees costing upwards of $133,000. These costs are due mainly to the low levels of education possessed by refugees upon their arrival,” they added.

The refugee issue has been a hot one under President Trump. He has cut the numbers of refugees allowed into the U.S. each year and has asked states to say if they want refugees.

In addition, over time, the federal government has shifted some of the costs to states.]

["No plausible model, not even the National Academies’ best-case scenario, comes close to suggesting that refugees who enter as adults will be net fiscal contributors. Refugee-specific costs add about 22% over and above the cost of other immigrants, but low education by itself is enough to push adult refugees' estimated fiscal impact well into negative territory. The National Academies is more optimistic about the children of low-skill adult immigrants, whom the model assumes will surpass their parents' education levels. But even with favorable assumptions about refugee children, the overall impact (all age groups combined) is still clearly negative."]



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