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This Sociopath will move on to people, this is not good. Assuming he hasn't harmed people yet.


Part of me wonders if this fucker is being allowed or encouraged to do what he's doing leaving a large social media footprint while doing it so that people will be conditioned to accept the bullshit push for consumer electronics and tech companies to develop algorithms to detect people who are likely to attempt a mass casualty event. Considering the tech companies can't even get their censorship/copyright algorithms correct can they be trusted to do this? Even if you ignore the trampling of constitutional protections and the violation of human rights that pre-crime necessitates we can't trust these companies to administer an algorithm with the power to lock people fairly. They are heavily biased against one side of the political spectrum and they already have algorithms that can detect things from this side as folks and news from this side are pushed down in search results and social media. Now give these same companies license to create pre-crime algorithms with the potential to trigger an auto-SWAT you don't think they'll do the opposite of what they do with their search and social media algorithms and set their precrime algorithm to be weighted towards finding their political enemies?

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