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And this is why Democrats conclude Jesus is OK with slaughtering children in the womb.


She makes a poor argument.

  • Jesus considers your unborn children your children and there is many quotes about how to treat them.
  • her excuse is that jesus was jewish and jewish tradition you weren't considered "alive" until after you were born.
  • many people have pointed out to her the scriptures where god/holy spirit and other verses talk about god knowing you in the womb.
  • therefore Jesus (who according to religion IS God) would consider unborn to be alive, and included when he mentions "sons and daughters"
  • her claim that it's not "jewish tradition" is invalid, because if Jesus was the trinity, then what jewish scholars considered life would be irrelevant, and it would be what god/holy spirit considered alive.

This has been explained to her repeatidly but she only responds with "but it's not in red writing!!!".

You know what else isn't in red writing (or any writing in the bible that people can find) is the assertion she's making that jesus wouldn't have considered an unborn a child because of jewish tradition.

Just saying, she's making a logically flawed argument so you will not win by attempting to use logic.


Even Jesus didn't expect there'll be fucks dumb and vicious enough to murder unborn children.

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2019-01-We 06:01:01 am

Even Jesus didn't expect there'll be fucks dumb enough to murder unborn children.

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