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There is no one more responsible for you than you. Accountability starts with taking responsibility for your own actions.

Until the black community stops excusing shitbag behavior and the crime culture, things wont get better for black people are embrace these two mentalities.

Plenty of black folk and people of all races act with responsibility over themselves and that doesn't always lead to success but it doesn't lead to creating situations for yourself where you get shot by a cop while trying to stab someone, steal kids, or any of the other jackass stuff Democrats have been excusing from their "martyrs".


One main point to take away from the replies is that people are so detached from reality and rational thought that they believe in magical powers. Magical powers?

That a cop could shoot someone in the leg and that would stop the attack. That a taser could have been quickly deployed and that would have solved the problem. That a cop has super human MMA champion skills to grapple a person with a knife and not get poked full of holes. That the cop could have simply talked them down while in mid stab.

People see the tragedy and look for an answer but fail to apply their brains. Empathy is great but if it isn't balanced with rational thought, it leads to bad outcomes at odds with the intent of the empathetic.

It would be one thing if it were just dumb inexperienced kids but many replies are from college educated adults who are working professionals.

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