With battle lines drawn between the one percent and normal people, a war of attrition is now taking shape with one side anticipating a mass die-off this winter and the other expecting total submission. But a lone voice is suggesting both may be wrong about what's coming. Topics this episode: *Leave the cities immediately. *Remove children from public schools immediately. *The conditions for Christian Just War have been met and exceeded. *Absolution of sins committed in defense against the beast mark and system. FBN Tor Forum (requires Tor browser to access) http://4nbfnxffepab67rley5u4xk6n56dy2b42a7265aypai3f6tpv3jlffad.onion First Bible Network https://www.firstbiblenetwork.com Marcionite Christian Church https://www.marcionitechurch.org The Very First Bible https://www.theveryfirstbible.org FBN anti-vaxx interaction sites: https://t.me/antivaxxforms https://www.reddit.com/r/VaccineExemptio...

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