More about apostasy: Buy the books: Stay in touch: Apostasy Update # 25 Transhumanism is a philosophical movement that says through science and technology we can grasp our evolution, because, in their view, evolution is true. We grasp evolution and we then chart our own course forward, remaking man, eradicating illness, bringing about longevity, enhancing our capabilities, cognitive capabilities, physical capabilities, and for some of the transhuman movement, even moving beyond death, becoming immortal, and for more than a handful to become as God. And the god-talk is rife within the transhuman community, the idea that through our machines, really, honestly, Tom, through the works of our hands, that’s what this is, we become as God. What’s fascinating with this conversation about transhumanism is it really has flourished in the digital age, because now our computers, our telephones (which are no longer telephones), all of our gadgets point us to a period maybe sometime in the future where we could now see this reality, that technology transforms us into something else. But the idea has been around since the very beginning of time, that we can take something, we can now employ this to our benefit to become as God. GAME OF GODS AMERICAN: THE SORCERER'S NEW APPRENTICE: CHRISTIANITY AND ANTI-CHRISTIANITY IN THEIR FINAL CONFLICT

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