Assuming for the sake of argument that the possible Wuhan lab origin for COVID turns out to be true, then we’d have to admit that with COVID we are dealing with a government-made virus, aren’t we? That would make COVID a government product, right? If so, then wouldn’t it be reasonable to wonder about possible reasons for Government to produce such a product? Including reasons that might not be as obvious and straightforward until considered in hindsight after…say…a massive government-push to inject all of humanity with a government-made and Warp Speed-rushed experimental gene therapy? Wouldn’t one question worth seriously asking and answering in this context be: Were Government-made "vaccines" always the goal of this Government-made virus? WEEKLY NEWSLETTER signup at Donate: Please note that while we engage regularly on all of the social media platforms listed at our site (including those linked below), our preferred point of contact is We strive to read and respond to any interactions there first, so please connect with us at Gab if you haven't already. Thanks! Gab: Telegram: Instagram: Gettr: Parler: Twitter: MeWe: Minds: Facebook: Podcast:

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