As the current installment of the American Empire’s Forever Wars draws to a close, the victorious Taliban are now issuing orders to an increasingly confused and delusional Resident Biden. But perhaps even more important than the Taliban’s opportunity to dictate terms in this scenario are the many ways in which the Afghanistan implosion has revealed the Amerikan Empire to be an increasingly gay paper tiger as its woke, transgender-recruiting armed forces are revealed to be incapable of subduing Afghanistan after twenty years of war…while, at the same time, the Resident claims that Spirit of 1776-minded Patriots at home have no chance whatsoever against his empire unless they are armed with “F-15s and nukes”. Oh really? Do tell...and remember to get out of Taliban territory by September 1, or else... WEEKLY NEWSLETTER signup at Donate: Please note that while we engage regularly on all of the social media platforms listed at our site (including those linked below), our preferred point of contact is We strive to read and respond to any interactions there first, so please connect with us at Gab if you haven't already. Thanks! Gab: Telegram: Instagram: Gettr: Parler: Twitter: MeWe: Minds: Facebook: Podcast: Satire(?) Site:

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