In case there was any lingering doubt about George W Bush’s status as a sleazy, freedom-despising tool of the Elite Abuser Class, just last weekend he made plain his disdain for the freedom and liberty of the masses and accidentally confirmed the evil of his beloved “Patriot Act”, which we now all realize is a tool aimed much more at crushing resistance to the Elite Abuser Class at home than it ever was intended to successfully combat ISIS or the Taliban – who, incidentally, happened to have just taken over Afghanistan again while being gifted with massive quantities of arms and supplies by Dubya’s fellow morons and accomplices in the U.S.S.A. government. #DeepStateDubya #PatriotAct #BadStrategery WEEKLY NEWSLETTER signup at Donate: Connect with me at... Fire Breathing Christian: Gab: MeWe: Telegram: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Minds: Gettr: Parler: Alternative Video Platforms: GabTV - BitChute - Rumble - Brighteon - Odyssee - Podcast: Satire(?) Site:

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