Rhonda is a brave RN who joined "The Stew Peters Show" during her lunchbreak. Rhonda knows that her job is in jeopardy, but she felt speaking out was more important than a paycheck. During the shocking interview, Rhonda explains how the hospital pharmacy is actively hiding the vaccine inserts, and described how this is a blatant change from normal policy at her facility. Get Dr. Zelenko's Anti-Shedding Treatment, NOW AVAILABLE FOR KIDS: www.zStackProtocol.com Go Ad-Free, Get Exclusive Content, Become a Premium user: https://redvoicemedia.com/premium Follow Stew on social media: http://evrl.ink/StewPeters See all of Stew's content at https://StewPeters.TV Watch full episodes here: https://redvoicemedia.net/stew-full-show... Check out Stew's store: http://StewPeters.shop Support our efforts to keep truth alive: https://www.redvoicemedia.com/support-re... Advertise with Red Voice Media: https://redvoicemedia.net/ads

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