This fascinating film by black historian Walter White, Jr. -- who led the NAACP for almost a quarter of a century -- carefully documents the Jews' role in the "Middle Passage" slave trade. It demonstrates that Jews dominated the slave trade. Among it's findings are that Jews owned almost all of the: trading houses on the shores of Africa that bought African slaves from the Africans who had captured and enslaved them; shipping companies that transported the slaves to the Americas; and slave auction houses in the new world that provided the slaves to the plantation owners and others in the market for slaves. See TalieVision's growing playlist of pro-White speeches, lectures, sermons, and other presentations: LEARN MORE: Read "The Myth that Whites Are Uniquely Guilty of Slavery and Must Be Held Accountable": Find books on real history: Find books on Crime: Find books on Jewishness: Find books on Race:

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