Join Carolyn as she discusses toxins and more with David G. Feerick. David is a TCD Practitioner (True Cellular Detox) and Certified Health Coach. David explains how toxins are everywhere, including in our negative thoughts and emotions which can build an unhealthy environment within the cells of the body and can dictate the condition of our health. David also explains that there is a direct consequence of an unhealthy gut that effects our mental conditions. The relationship also goes the other way as we experience stressful situations in our lives. David explains how assessing the root cause of toxicity is vital in reversing the conditions we find ourselves in. David also gives valuable tips to help you move toward better health and freedom from the negative effects within EMF’s, chemicals in our food and much more! For more information about David’s services and to get a free consultation, you can contact David at: DavidGFeerick@MyWellness.Clinic or call him at 414.324.0808 www.MyWellness.Clinic

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