Universal Peace Conference 2021 This is Mikael Söderström´s speech at the second session on April 23rd on the topic Health and Future of Humanity. Mikael Söderström Country: Sweden Trained in Naturopathy, Meditation, Yoga and yogic philosophy. He has been working with natural health and meditation for the past decade. He worked with psychic diseased young adults as well as people with narcolepsy, epilepsy and other chronic diseases in Sweden, teaching natural health, and yogic practices. Right now Mikael is a part of the meditation steps project, teaching meditation for free online. Meditation for beginners free online course from Dada Sadananda and Mikael Söderström: http://um-team.tilda.ws/retreat22022021​ For more information about the conference visit the website http://sunyoga.info/upc/​​ Interested to learn more about Sunyoga? Visit our website https://sunyoga.info/​

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