There has been a lot of talk about whether our law enforcement (and our military) would follow the orders of those like that furry fascist Beto to unleash a reign

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there will be an accounting before the law for anyone who swore to defend the Constitution and then willingly does the opposite.


The revolution would be CONSTITUTIONAL!


1776 will commence again


If you think that most cops are going to stand up for the principles upon which this country was founded and refuse to follow obviously illegal, unconstitutional orders, you are a fucking fool.

Out of all the riots, all the violent 'counter-protests' done by antifa, who are little more than masked thugs and bargain-basement urban terrorists, have we seen a single story of the police ANYWHERE disobeying their orders to stand down and let antifa run wild? Nope.

And you won't ever, because most cops are simply uniformed criminals with official sanction to steal everything that isn't nailed down, and come back later for the rest. Read up on civil asset forfeiture if you want to really have a bad day.

The cops are not here to protect us, by and large they exist to perpetuate themselves and, especially, their power and position of authority.

When, not if, they start coming for our guns, its not going to be a pair of beat cops with their squad car going door to door, politely knocking, and asking for your 'assault-style, fully semi-automatic, high-capacity magazine weapons-of-war.'

It will be specially equipped and trained teams of dirty cops who bust in your house while you're at the dinner table like something out of a Pedowood movie. Or a pair of suits who arrest you at work, or in line at the coffee shop, or at the grocery store while you're trying to decide between a sharp or extra sharp cheddar.

And they won't be going after everyone initially. They'll start with the people the placid, soy-infused public can rationalise away as a danger to themselves or, potentially, others. They will see the 'red flags' the media tells them were there KIND OF LIKE EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW and say to themselves, "Well, that's not that big a deal, I mean, he was veteran, and on pain pills and everyone knows they are kind of crazy."

Pretty soon everyone likely to resist and all the potential 'sheep dog' types will either be shot dead by the police, in jail, falsely imprisoned in mental institutions having been declared insane by pliant and corrupt psychiatrists, or just utterly disarmed and on watch lists. Then they'll start going door to door, if they even have to at that point.

And the stupid, ignorant sheeple like the cockstain who wrote this article will be sitting there, jerking off to hentai wondering why 'the people' didn't rise up in revolutionary fervor.


Legal peril? That's not what these fuckers should be worried about. You have made your Local Accountability List haven't you?

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2019-47-Th 10:47:11 am

Legal peril? That's not what these fuckers should be worried about. You have made your local accountability List haven't you?


If you try it will not end well.


I lost faith in the rah rah rant when he said Comey would eventually face justice. If you're so deluded you're expecting that you're also deluded that Hillary will some day be behind bars. If you can visualize that happening you don't live in the same world i do and there's no point reading your account of how things are going to go down because your judgment is off.


The deliberations of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 were held in strict secrecy. Consequently, anxious citizens gathered outside Independence Hall when the proceedings ended in order to learn what had been produced behind closed doors. The answer was provided immediately. A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”


Oath breakers.


_But if you smoke some 12-year-old for twitching after you break down her daddy’s door because somebody thinks maybe he’s got a scary black rifle somewhere in his condo then you’re the bad guy.


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