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and yet here we are...watching NOTHING HAPPEN. FBI and their agenda does NOT include doing any real constructive work. They only seem to target Patriots?


It's going to be difficult, now that the FBI made all the evidence disappear (especially Hunter's laptop).


Anybody that had Hunter’s rapsheet would be in prison. The FBI targets who they deem, or the President deems, as a threat to their own political ideals and enrichment. They’re totally biased in their investigations and incarcerations. Don’t believe me, Gen. Flynn, Clive Bundy, and Roger Stone are examples. The FBI is now the KGB of America along with the other bureaucratic swamp orgs in DC. Spoiled Brat, Hunter Biden, is white privilege (if there is such a thing) personified. Too bad the lefty media will never cite him as the example. The only reason Hunter isn’t behind bars is his corrupt Father who has had influence to tell the directors to turn their heads. The problem, the crimes of Hunter are so blatantly obvious, the American public evidently sees them so now WE THE PEOPLE demand justice. So I will use what every DUHMECRAT politician said in Washington when President Trump was in office, NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW. APPARENTLY HUNTER BIDEN IS BECAUSE HE IS NOT IN PRISON! THAT WOULD ALSO INCRIMINATE THE PEDO THIEF, HIS FATHER!

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