Even if there were proof that Trump tries to discredit journalists so he won't look bad, his fans wouldn't care.

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MSM Still trying to play victim... Maybe if your reported the truth you wouldn't be called fake news.

How many times are outlets and urnalists going to spread false information for clicks to the cost of the nation. Russiagate was fake. You don't even cover the Epstein story so the victims can get their closure. You put Hillary Clinton up front saying "Believe all women" unless they accuse her husband of rape.

Stop blowing yourself for once.


The worst thing about Trump's 'fake news' warning is that it exposes the truth that we are all liars - TheHill


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2019-47-Mo 02:47:17 pm

The worst thing about Trump's 'fake news' warning it exposes the truth that we are all liars - TheHill



"When he says the “fake news” media concoct sources to make him look bad, he’s wrong. " No he isn't...ABC showed a bombing in Kentucky and claimed it was Syria. It was a made-up story. Completely FAKE. They got caught.

Remember Rather-gate. Different president, same issue. The Fake dossier...you ran with it. That fake collusion delusion...you ran with it. I don't love Trump but he is the best person for the job in this media climate, he's showing republicans how to grow a pair and fight back. I do despise the liberal-left wing media and it's lies and bias disguising itself as news. You're a dishonest bunch of ideologues who are full of yourself. Why is Trump's phone call a problem, but Biden openly admitting on video to withholding funds to get the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son fired...isn't?


Bashing the media is not a mistake. It's literally Trumps greatest feature. I never liked Trump before his presidency but I can't imagine a person doing a better job discrediting the corporate media and the political class than he has done. For that reason alone, he will be remembered as a great president in my book.


Perhaps if you don't like being called #FakeNews, you should quit being #FakeNews.

Do I believe Stahl? NO. Why should I? Do I believe the author of the article, Bernard Goldberg? Again, NO! Why should I?

Particularly in light of the fact that he claims in 47 years in national news - 28 with CBS News - he has never seen #FakeNews. Oh, an "occasional mistake" from time to time, but NEVER #FakeNews.

I can tell you, as a news consumer, I have seen TONS of #FakeNews pieces just in the last three years. How about Russia-Russia-Russia. There's #FakeNews - and NO, it was not an honest mistake. It was vicious, t was malicious, and it was intentional.

How about the Covington Kids story - again, #FakeNews; again vicious, malicious, and intentional.

UkraineGate; the LACK of interest in Antifa; the LACK of interest in vetting Barack Hussein Obama; the LACK of interest in Fast and Furious; the LACK of interest in the IRS targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups; and the list goes on and on and on.


I don't care... Trump could kill my cat in front of my kids, stew it, eat it and ask for 2nd's... and I'd still vote for him... It's not about the BS, it's about who's gonna clean-house in DC.


That doesn't mean the media is telling the truth, they never do and Trump is right to say it. We all know it's deep bullshit.

"According to Stahl, the man who would be president responded with this: “You know why I do it? I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you.”


They need to change their name to The Shill.




The worst thing about Trump's 'fake news' warning is that he's right.

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