In 2016, the Democratic administration accepted dirt from a foreign friendly and used it to justify investigating its GOP rival.

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Yes they are. If the Obama administration took information not once, but twice from foreign sources and actually used it to spy on Trump then the Obama administration is guilty of what the liberal morons have been accusing Trump of doing. The one difference is Trumps situation was just a question and Trump actually never did anything. Obama’s administration actually did take info. Clinton actually paid for dirt from a foreign spy on Trump.


Meanwhile, the #FakeNews #MSM and their #liberal co-conspirator #Democrats continue to think that #Trump is so stupid he's not doing all of this on purpose. He outlined the exact situation that #Obama #Hillary #Clinton and the #DNC did in gathering phony intel to launch an illegal coup. His hypothetical #treason is their actual actions.


These people are so stupid. And because they respond emotionally rather than rationally, their initial reaction is to immediately oppose, with some umbrage, everything Potus says.

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