The path to the Democratic presidential nomination begins in Iowa and New Hampshire — but these days it also includes a preliminary stop in Studio 3A at NBC News headquarters in New York’s Rockefeller Center.

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You know your party is in trouble when all your presidential candidates have to stoop and kiss the ring of a raving conspiracy kook.


I still think Maddow looks like a 12 year old boy.


Raging economy, strong world standing, unemployment at record lows across the board, businesses thriving, stocks thru the roof... what do they have, other than shrieks of "WAAYCISS!" and other unsubstantiated fantasies?


“So it’s not surprising that all the candidates are lining up, hoping to get Rachel Maddow’s seal of approval,”

It is surprising because Maddow has been a leading voice of the Russian Collusion Illusion. She lied to her audience for years about it. In any sane world, should would have been fired and her career in journolism ended.

What is surprising, is that this article didn't mention Maddow's epic scandal.

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