Christian supporters of Trump have progressed from appalled to cautious to defending him constantly. There's good reason for this, but we need to be careful.

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Israel can also defend itself, and is engaged in an apartheid war that sometimes turns hot, but for some reason Christians are called to defend whatever Israel does (like cluster bombs in Lebanon, including playgrounds). Even the LGBTQ+ stuff and Abortion policies of Israel. Or that there ARE Palestinian Christians that are swept up by the IDF, so get it from both sides.

Yet Christians will for some reason defend Israel the same way they defend Trump.

Is there some principle that has been at work for decades creating a Team Israel v.s. a Team anti-Semite (everyone who isn't a rabid philo-Zionist), and now a Team Trump and Team NeverTrump?

Or should we judge everything - words and acts - by reason, evidence, and in light of scripture.

Or are there some things like Trump and Israel that are above even asking questions?

I do criticize Trump - I wonder if his vitriol is necessary, but I wanted Ron Paul to be president where it would be even more kind and polite. I question some of his policies, but realized he was a package deal and would likely eventually accomplish what he promised to do including the things I thought wrong or imprudent. I still think those things are wrong, but speak out against them individually and specifically as wrong policies, not "Orange Man Bad".

I think that is the crux of the matter. Trump's opponents are unjust and often irrational, or simply evil. Trump may be a problematic defendant, but when someone screeches that "Trump is a bigot", then is asked for any evidence, you get "You must be a bigot too". The entire investigation from Mueller's "Russiagate", to now with the impeachment, is a guilty verdict in search of a crime. Remember Kavanaugh?

We ARE TOTALLY called to defend due process, the rule of law, and the good, true, and beautiful. Whether Trump is the one prosecuted or persecuted or the one doing the prosecution or persecution.


A second example of Christians defending the indefensible was just after 9/11. Most defended many if not all of the following, which are far worse than anything Trump has done either personally or as policy:

24 was very popular, and some cheered and made excuses for torture and Abu Gharib - even after those horrifying pictures came out. As well as the destruction which Christians should consider war crimes, and "nation building" which is a priory an unjust war.

And made excuses, well, yes, we have to be porn scanned by the TSA to fly though the pictures of us naked are being seen (stored?), and someone is going to grope our private parts - including our toddlers, grandmothers, sisters, and wives. To be safe we must be raped!

And Real-ID, Biometrics, and the NSA getting all our data.

We will probably take the Mark of the Beast, as long as it stops terrorism, fraud, human trafficking, and child pornography - the chip in your palm or forehead? Well, it is the patriotic thing to do!

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