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And the hit pieces keep coming. The DS are workig overtime now that the DECLAS is so near. The panic is palpable. They are just about foaming at the mouth trying to convince the sleeping populace that the media had no role in the propaganda war against President Trump. Obama's EO made it LEGAL to spread Propaganda. HE is the one responsible for the media's hubris. They think they have the "right" to say whatever they want, even if it's been proven false. They are assisting in the takedown of a duly elected President, with Gusto. Those who laugh last... I can't wait for Justice. After 8 (actually almost 12) yrs of Obama, I'm sick of him. Someone stand up and tell the truth! Liars will always be liars. They all need a come-to-Jesus moment. Seriously. #DECLAS


Oh, and Russiagate has been PROVEN! Stupid bitch.

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