A California Democrat and presidential hopeful, Kamala Harris is vowing to change the federal guns law by “presidential fiat” if Congress won’t trample all over your rights. The authoritarian senator claims she could impose “near-universal background checks” and close the “boyfriend loophole” without new legislation. If Congress does not change the law, in other words, […]

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harris the hooker isn’t qualified to hold any public office (unless fucking her way to the top is a qualification)

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2019-20-We 05:20:49 pm

harris the hooker isn’t qualified to hold any public office (unless fucking everyone she meets is a qualification)


I love how these people who supposedly have “law degrees” pretend that there is no such thing as the Constitution, unless it benefits their agenda of course. I’m getting to the point where I’ve just had it. Use the 2nd amendment for its intended purpose- remove tyrants. We the People control the government and this country, people have lost sight of this for far too long. We are not beholden to Politicians and their special interest groups, big tech firms bolstered by taxes (theft), Soros or the Koch brothers, foreign interests, etc. At what point do people say enough is enough?

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