The House will likely vote on the coronavirus relief bill Friday to provide economic support to many American workers and businesses, however, it won't be unanimous like it was in the Senate. It looks like Rep. Thomas Massie, R-KY, could delay the vote, which the President indicated on Twitter Friday.

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If I were Massie, I would absolutely respond as politely and respectfully as possible to the POTUS and outline why I'm against it. On Twitter.

Say that you are holding the bill up because you don't want to fund immigrants entering the country illegally during a pandemic.

Say that you are holding it up because you don't understand how the projects that are being funded are even remotely related to the workers or the pandemic.

Say something though. Otherwise, they're going to make this Massie fellow look like the grandstander that potus called him.

Perfect opportunity for drawing the line in the sand, but they're all in on the graft so it won't happen.

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