Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin provoke ire while earlier this year opposing one’s party was hailed as “brave.”

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this is just so much smoke and mirrors. i don't know anything about sinema or her motives but manchin is another matter. he will capitulate and vote with the democrats because he has a vested personal interest in this legislation. his wife is involved in an organization that will get a $3 billion, yes billion, grant to supposedly provide funds for women's businesses in Appalachia. until the press asks old joe and his wife how much they stand to make off this deal, i'm skeptical. its the same old story with the democrats, they get all this taxpayer money to supposedly fund inner-city projects and rip off black and other minorities. now old joe and his wife have found another group to rip off. if you don't believe it, figure out how jesse jackson and al sharpton became millionaires along with the democrats in congress who stole the taxpayer funds in legislation like this. to find the true swamp in d.c., you need look no further than the congress which is led by the low life liberals at the moment, but it crosses the aisle and the rinos are equally repugnant. that's why they fought President Trump so viciously, in four more years he would have exposed them all. this is why pence became a traitor. pray for de-certifications all across the country!

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