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You can't give rights - you can recognize those that exist or don't exist, however. I guess the writer went to public school. Anyway, the law basically formalizes what has been an evil, dangerous policy for a long time: rendering law-abiding citizens second-class citizens. The criminals in DC naturally identify more with the criminals streaming across the border.

We have all known about the virtual illegal alien exemption card for decades now. Commit a crime as an illegal? Walk. Fake paper license plate? No problem. Letting their kiddos run around at 3am on a school night? CPS thinks that's fine.

The only thing an illegal alien can do that will get him in a lot of trouble is to tick off one of the corrupt city, state or federal elected "bosses" in some personal way, like when Laura Loomer brought some illegals to Nancy Pelosi's house and Pelosi ordered them deported.

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