Not long after Jesus was crucified and buried, two of his disciples, Peter and John, were jailed by the Jerusalem authorities for telling people that He had been resurrected from the dead after three...

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Our pastor and elders finally agreed to hold an outdoor service beginning this past Sunday, and it was a real joy to see many of our fellow members for the first time in almost a year. It was a much better experience than the livestream we've had for the past eleven months. Still, it was sad to see how few we were in number. A year ago, we had two nearly-full services indoors on Sunday mornings. This week we had less than a quarter as many in attendance.

By way of contrast, another church whose livestream we also watch, has continued to meet indoors for the past year, and still has a full house for each of three services. Last Sunday, they even had a full choir on stage.

Cowering in fear turns out not to be a good way to motivate people to come to Christ.

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