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yeah, thank God for those who open your eyes....:) buddddy! come-on buddddy, it's not gonna happen. course if you are not american, the idea that leadership service is not denied to any, by any except the people, may not be in your dna, even when Pocahontas warren used that instead of her true merit to game a system meant to begin with the truth:, "that all men are created equal." her corruption is to be you expect when you only read the first few paragraphs of a document, namely the constitution, scanning only for that which will serve yourself. i wonder which qualified native american she stole the seat from. she's no prize. the only "red" i got from her was PILL. :))

kind of like why do the poorest neighborhoods always win the "lottery"? could judgement have anything to do with it? i never see some middle class lawyer win it. maybe it's just as simple as double tap suicides... who knows why billions of welfare dollars get funneled from fed to state coffers via that sham scam.

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