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The guest in the video is an idiot on China. Tim should invite Laowhy86 and SerpantZA on if he wants want outsiders with an inside scoop of what the conditions on the ground throughout most of Red China are today. They've traveled the country more than even most locals.

Also, it's important to factor in purchasing power when comparing economies, not just the number of equivalent dollars Chinese people have in their pockets. That needs to be fleshed out more. The illegitimate communist regime gets far more bang for its buck on military expenditures even if you exclude the R&D which they always steal. Still, the economic differences that do exist are why the CCP is coupling with the US derp state to turn the US into a Third World country so that by the time things go kinetic, the US will simply lack the economic base to sustain hostilities.

The R&D thing is really their weak point, however. We are the golden goose, and when the golden goose, dies, communist regimes will die on the vine due to lack of outside life support. Communists can't innovate (it's too risky to do so - your innovation might tick the wrong people in the Party off, so it's not personally worth it. Plus you're taught to only do groupthink, from which new ideas are viewed as straying ideas). But there again, communism only exists to destroy, and once everything is destroyed, communism no longer has a purpose. It's ideological locustry.

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