Er soll Kranke und Ärzte getäuscht und eine der grössten Drogenepidemien ausgelöst haben: Lange hat der Pharma-Clan Sackler das Schmerzmittel Oxycontin als harmlos angepriesen. Jetzt werden sie mit Klagen eingedeckt.

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Opioid epidemic: How the Sackler Clan destroys America He was said to have deceived the sick and doctors and triggered one of the biggest drug epidemics: For a long time, the pharmaceutical clan Sackler has been touting the analgesic oxycontin as harmless. Now they are covered with complaints. by Andreas Mink15.6.2019


We have an Afghan heroin and Chinese fentanyl pouring across our Southern border crisis.


The first cases of oxycodone abuse, which is called in analogy to morphinism eukodalism, [7] were described in the early 1920s. For example, a few years later, Chancellor Adolf Hitler was regularly given high-dose oxycodone injections by his personal physician Theo Morell [25] (in addition to methamphetamine, cocaine, and other substances with a high addictive potential).

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