So if you’re in Inwood one of these days, stop by the Indian Road Café and grab a sandwich, support this local upstander, who committed no sin other than speak his mind.

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The despicable actions of the Bolshevik mob are no surprise, and as a NYC businessman, he could have anticipated their reaction and avoided it. What's really alarming is corporate capitulation to the woketards. All these huge businesses flipping the bird at the half of the country that pays for everything ? It makes no sense for any business to alienate customers, yet here is every sports league except the NHL doing just that.


Does the left really want a civil war? Because such vengeful politics targeting anonymous nobodies is the kind of thing that will rip asunder our social fabric and make a common life together impossible. It will also have a chilling effect on discourse at exactly the time when everybody seems to agree a Great National Conversation is needed.

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