The coronavirus is moving from older to younger residents in Washington state.

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This is good for herd immunity.



good, hope it wipes out the libbies


I call Bull. And I call Shit.


Misleading headline.

They aren't talking about hospitalisations, deaths, or even 'serious' cases. They are just talking about people who have been tested and found to either have the Kung Flu or have had it.

When you have a highly contagious but generally non-serious and minor disease... the more testing you do, the more people you will find that test positive. Especially among the people that you previously deemed to not be at risk. They wouldn't have come up on the radar initially because, given the relative lack of severity of the disease, they wouldn't show symptoms.

This is such a non-issue that its actually a good thing that we want to see.

We want to be seeing gigantic, enormous spikes in the numbers of COVID-19 cases as testing increases. Thats the best possible news we could get because it confirms what those of us without our heads up our asses have known for months. That this isn't a big deal, that the lockdowns were not justified, that this hyperbolic overreaction has been a giant hoax. It tells us that the problem we have is not the disease, but the people who have been entrusted with authority and who have used that authority to steal power.


So f##kin' what. No one said that people under 40 could not get if it was 50% under 40 dying then that would be news bait crap.


Upvote cos people have to take notice!

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