Sites like VDare and a new breed of young cranks and conspiracy theories calling themselves “groypers” (don’t ask) are worming their way into the conservative public square.

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Some brief connection in passing does not forever link people's ideology.


Sorry, I no longer let other people tell me who is and is not racist. Your opinion of racism is much different than mine, where I believe a person has to actually believe his skin color makes him (or her) better than people with a different color skin. Or if they think a person is automatically stupid because of their skin color. The only people who do that are progressives, and they call anyone who believes we are all equal "racists."


Nick Fuentes clearly sounds like the name of a true white supremacists. Stephen Miller (jew) is clearly antisemitic.
The corporate presse,SPLC,ADL,... lies and gate keeping is failing and they are scared. We don't believe their lies anymore.


The content on offer is not far off from what I'd expect from far left activists disguised as journalists like Julia Carrie Wong of The Guardian. Gatekeepers, like Toobin, who describe their political enemies as "these haters" with a "hateful agenda" who are "xenophobic" and "anti-Semitic" and "racist" are finding that their control over the narrative that mainstream conservatives must follow is waning.

[Unfortunately, columnist Mich­elle Malkin has defended groypers like Fuentes. She thinks these haters are allies in a crusade to halt all non-European immigration (ironic, since Malkin’s parents were Filipino immigrants).] - Tobin writes.

It is ironic and it should inspire one to question what's going on beyond Tobin's perspective. Tobin and his establishment associates have been smearing Michelle Malkin over her refusal to "disavow" Nick Fuentes and the populist youth movement. Charlie Kirk, one such establishment associate and the founder of TPUSA, demanded at one of his events that national populist, university students "disavow" Yevropa. Even though those students never heard and know nothing about Yevropa. As Michelle Malkin notes, it's not about Fuentes it's about control.

I recommend checking out Dr. Steve Turley's videos on bitchute for information about national populism (I'm not affiliated with Dr. Turley):

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