Officers from the 78th Precinct responded and saw the backpack aflame on the front steps of the Park Slope Jewish Center around 1 a.m.

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How is this even news? Holy shit the "anti-semetism" narrative is so forced


Whatcha doin' rabbi?


Another fake hate crime. It was probably a Jew who set this fire. Who sets a fire on concrete steps if they want to burn a building down? Especially just hours after a shooting in Germany. Jews always seek attention to propagate their false narrative of persecution.


I blame the Jews because the Jews vote for Dems and Globalists. Those Dems and Globalists flood the Western world with Muslims (aka, Neanderthals).

So...... Fuck you Jews, y'all deserve it. I don't hate you people, but I wish upon your families that which you wish on America with your votes.

May the Muslim rape gangs push the Jews into submission and cause them to repent from their wicked ways of voting for their own pockets over the lives of the American people.

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