About 400 members of right-wing groups, including the Proud Boys, marched on the famously liberal city to protest the city’s inaction in the wake of an Antifa attack on conservative journalist Andy Ngo on June 29. Ngo was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage.

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The Proud Boys versus Commie Faggots. Let them go at it.


proud boys, yes old gavin sucked a few


ne - they were not far right. Being patriotic and conservative is NOT FAR RIGHT. Two - NBC you lowlife cowards , ANTIFA are NOT anti-fascists, they ARE THE FASCISTS and they "met" people with violence and were allowed to have bats to harm people with. They were allowed to assault and beat whoever they wanted with no police intervention. And just because you call someone a Nazi, does not mean they are. Antifa are nothing but communist brown-shirts and black shirts that are akin to Nazis and Mussolini . And they have proven to be, by their actions. The Portland mayor is, himself, a real nazi (by him deciding that some people do not deserve to be protected by law as well as some people not needing to be upheld by law).

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