MORGANTON, N.C. — Authorities in North Carolina have accused a school receptionist of sending inappropriate pictures to a student. Greene has a $25,000 bond. It's not known if she has an attorney.

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They should investigate "Karen Alice Godfrey Criswell" of Richmond County NC school system. I can sign release forms to enable investigators to access sealed records held by the state agency. Once investigated they will see that not only has she brained washed a kid into thinking he was molested (which he wasn't) but also a local preacher and ones at Richmond Co. Social Services covering for her including the mother-in-law of her. It would also show they violated the orders from the state doctors. What makes it so bad is (Karen) brainwashed the kid into believing he was molested by not 1 but 2 people.

The kid was never molested Karen would let a known child molester baby-sit the kid so she could go bar-hopping. Now that same person (Karen) lays claim to being a preacher.

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