Californians rejoiced this week when big drops of water started falling from the sky for the first time in any measurable way since the spring, an annual soaking that heralds the start of the rainy season following some of the hottest and driest months on record.

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Desertification has been going on for thousands of years, it's nothing new, one only has to look at the Sahara and other deserts to see the product of constant dry conditions. The climate is not in crisis, it's following a long ago established, understood cyclic pattern. Every time lately when California goes through the 3-6 year drought cycle, they try and freak out the public, it's all part of the 100 year dry cycle that the Indians knew about before the Europeans arrived. The State has developed very few reservoirs to capture rain , and the ones they have are so small that several days of rain maxs them out, and threatens to wipe out nearby communities, very, very poor planning for a State as large as California, it's reprehensible, political laziness and neglect as is their allowed Forestry neglect fiasco, apparent when fires burn for months on end, as they act like their amazed that the fires happen, foolishness.

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