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"Gazing back to the beginning of time" is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Sight does not travel through space. It's light we are seeing as it arrives to our eyes. Does not matter how powerful your telescope is, you are still only seeing light as it arrives to your eyes. Most of what we see outside our own solar system is very old light that is just now arriving here. The fact is some of the light we are seeing is millions of years old and the source of that light may not even be there any longer. If a star goes nova the light from that incident might not get here for a thousand years or a million years depending on how far away it is.


Gazing back through time eh? I dub thee Re-Tardis

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2021-16-Fr 06:16:03 am

Gazing back through time eh? I dub they Re-Tardis


Did it see God? Some scientist understand the origin of time as being created by God, but others believe there was an explosion from nothing that brought about everything. Which takes more faith?



Can it see how many flaming Marxist assholes work at Yahoo ?

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