'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host accuses Biden of lying about hospitals being overrun with the unvaccinated

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Of course. That's the idea behind vaccination. BTW - what happened to the democrat mantra "my body my choice."?


Did he mention the AZ audit though?


The Biden Doctrine has now been established, and has achieved an ally in the head of the Centers for Disease control, Dr. Rochelle Walensky. The Biden Doctrine states that the government, in the pursuit of the common good, can now mandate medical care. Dr. Walensky has lended the weight of the Centers for Disease control to that mandate, since CDC recommendations no longer have to follow the recommendations of the doctors and scientists that make up the advisory boards. This further emphasizes that only the head of the government or government entity has the appropriate reasoning and authority to dictate medical care. The Biden doctrine, initiated under the Covid–19 pandemic, allows the government to manipulate the federal authority, allowing the population to be coerced into taking the Covid-19 vaccine. The argument being that people can no longer determine their own best health care needs because the ongoing cost of care for unvaccinated people is unsustainable. Unvaccinated people get very sick with Covid-19, often requiring weeks of care in the hospital and weeks of care in the intensive care unit on the ventilator. This takes significant resources away from other people with other illnesses. Plus, all this money the government is spending on healthcare can be used for important initiatives, like climate change. Although vaccinated people can still contract Covid-19, they do not get nearly has sick, rarely require even hospitalization. Now that this has been solidly established, there are all kinds of other health-care decisions that can be made for you in the pursuit of the common good. The needs of the many must outweigh the needs of the few. For example: The cost of diabetes on the United States healthcare system is tremendous. It’s not just the diabetes, it’s the cost of all the other disease processes that occur due to diabetes. If we could just get diabetes under control, we could rid the world of diabetic neuropathy, diabetic retinopathy, a large percentage of the renal failure that occurs and the subsequent costs of dialysis care, markedly reduce the early heart disease and the costs associated with cardiac catheterization, stenting and coronary bypass surgery. We could lessen the burden of diabetic peripheral vascular disease, the costs of amputations, chronic peripheral wound care and the loss of productivity and the cost of care of those who undergo amputations. Imagine the number of wind turbines that we could build with the money saved. All we have to do is mandate the implantation of insulin pumps for those with diabetes, and then control the insulin input to normalize their glucose levels. Unless they have a body mass index greater than 35. Then we could mandate bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery has proven to be very effective for the control of comorbid conditions related to or exacerbated by excess obesity.4 According to a vast number of studies, intestinal bypass surgeries are effective in normalizing blood sugars in those with diabetes, particularly, the Roux en Y bypass. There are a multitude of other conditions that are improved as well. Hypertension, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sleep apnea, reflux disease, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, stress urinary incontinence, and even cancers are improved or resolved when weight loss surgery is used in patients with a body mass index > 35 kg/m2.5 The cost savings would be tremendous, and the improvement in the quality of life and the increase in productivity of the population would skyrocket. We could certainly improve the tax base by keeping all these people in the workforce, creating productivity and income that can be taxed for further initiatives. The Biden Doctrine can also be used to improve the climbing rate of crime in the mostly Democratic controlled urban population centers.6 According to “Freakonomics”, the book by Stephen J Dubner, crime rates dropped when abortion was made available in the 1970’s. 7 Although this was never definitively proven, this kind of scientific purity is no longer required by CDC head Dr. Rochelle Walensky. Once she approves the plan, the Biden Doctrine can be applied. Plus, perhaps the most divisive political argument of the 20th century can be put to rest. Your argument for pro-choice or pro-life is no longer needed under the Biden Doctrine. All we need to do is to avoid unwanted babies or babies in homes that do not meet the financial threshold. To apply the Biden Doctrine to this problem, all we need to do is mandate birth control for the common good. All women/birthing people capable of conceiving can be mandated to undergo implantation of a uterine device or hormonal contraceptive. This will prevent pregnancies outside of the government’s prescribed parameters and is accomplished without the use of abortion. Religious exceptions don’t really need to be considered since this is for the common good. After all, what would (insert your religious deity of choice here) want? To sustain the population, the government will come up with a population diversity formulation. If you want to have a child, simply fill out an application, provide your proof of financial capability and then pledge to do your best to raise a child that meets the needs of the next generation as forecast by the government. If you meet the needs of the common good, then you can have your contraceptive device removed and become fertilized by the donor prescribed. Easy as that. Just think, no more stressful family holiday dinners where talk of abortion can ruin the weekend. I for one cannot believe that this has not been tried before. I am so grateful for the leaders who have finally had the courage to move this initiative forward. And none of this talk of Nazis or Germany or Nuremberg or Stalin or the China child policy. This is for the common good after all. The media has not paid enough attention to the advancement that this provides our world.

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