Officer Brian B says someone shouldn’t be doing a police job if they can shoot someone in heat of moment

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That "officer" sounds like a globo-homo faggot who shouldn't be an LEO. I'm glad Kim shot that worthless gangbanger, it was well deserved and for the civic good. If you don't want people to shoot instead of tase maybe don't design the tasers to look and feel like real guns. Kinda destroys this clown's and the prosecutions argument. Mistakes happen when gangbangers gangbang. It's a dirty job and we should be giving officers like Kim: medals, promotions, and million dollar bonuses for ridding the streets of filth to compensate them for the traumas of the job.


Hell, if you can't shoot someone in the heat of a moment you probably have no business engaging with people who can. Like criminals.


"While Glocks have a safety trigger, Tasers do not."

That's true-ish, but irrelevant and illustrative of the ignorance of anti-gun quims. Glocks do have a trigger safety (not a "safety trigger"), a firing pin safety and a drop safety, but they don't have any other safety device that has to be manually disengaged in order to fire. That's by design, they're intended to be always-ready.

What's significant is that Axon Tasers (X2 / Taser X26 / Taser 7) do have a manual safety that has to be disengaged, rather than a trigger safety.

Which is if anything the wrong way around. Better to have a taser ND than a firearm, as this menopausal tart found out.

Not that I'll shed a tear over the dead gang-banger: nothing of value has been lost.


If Duante Wright wouldn't have bucked the police officers' hold on him when passed between the male and female officer (as females tend to be weaker than males on average, as despite what the left thinks there are physiologic differences between the sexes which is why historically males were the bulk of military and law enforcement but I digress) he would still be alive. The police are armed and they are trained to shoot to kill if you give them cause. Despite what the left says whites are actually more likely to lose their life to a cop on a per incident basis than blacks although blacks are more likely to die per capita. The thing is blacks have more interaction with the cops than whites (ain't crime statistics a bitch for the left) so they end up dying at the hands of cops more frequently. I don't know maybe I'm just getting jaded at #clownworld but I'm sick of the way the media always misrepresents everything when it comes to blacks and cops so I think a lot of the responsibility for Daunte's death is on Daunte. If you don't want to get killed by cops don't commit crimes like shoving guns in a lady's face or resist arrest.


This man will hesitate when the time comes... Kim DIDN'T!


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