The ongoing bloodshed in the Gaza Strip has unleashed a chorus of voices across Gulf Arab states that are fiercely critical of Israel and emphatically supportive of Palestinians. The vocal opposition to Israel, expressed in street protests, on social media and in newspaper columns, comes just months after pacts were signed to establish ties with Israel — and complicates government efforts to rally Arab citizens around full-throttle acceptance of the deals. Analysts said the conflict will also set back Israeli efforts to secure more normalization deals with other Arab states, like Saudi Arabia.

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Another 4 years, and Trump would have ended this shit.

But the Establishment does enjoy the murdering and destruction. It's like their third favorite thing after stealing money and humiliating Americans.


You are either with Israel or you are with the terrorists.


Pure propaganda, probably coming from someone inside the Biden admin, or some leftist think tank like the Atlantic Council.Nobody likes the Palestinians, except the Iranians, and a few Iran sympathizing terror regimes. The move to rid the Middle East of Israel has been a long sought goal of the communists and now globalists. Notice how so many self loathing secular Jews side with the Palestinians. I don't know which group is worse, but they are both human scum, filth.

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