A Tennessee woman said she called police about a physical fight involving her daughter and the girl's boyfriend before he was fatally shot by officers in a high school bathroom. Regina Perkins said she called police last Monday on 17-year-old as Anthony J. Thompson Jr., the Knoxville News Sentinel reported. Police said Thompson had a gun inside Austin-East Magnet High School in east Knoxville later Monday and was shot to death in a confrontation with officers in a bathroom.

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Negroes-- again.


Uh, just read the local-yokel news story. The girl was white and a mud-shark with a mud-shark mom. The boy-friend was a negro who assaulted her and pulled out her hair (the usual Negro mating habits). So, the mom called police. The mom is lucky the boy-friend did not kill her daughter which is the usual consequence of white girls who are mud-sharks.

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