Photo Illustration by Kristen Hazzard/The Daily Beast/GettyThe Department of Justice announced this week that it would crack down on airline passengers who throw tantrums. Now, if Attorney General Merrick Garland would only get around to doing something about people who plot the overthrow of our government and a former president who's serially obstructed justice and abused power we might be getting someplace.Not that in-flight safety isn’t important. It is. Just like it’s important to arrest and

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Yeah, talk to us about "our democracy" being "toast" when you bastards bragged about "fortifying" an election.

Blow it out your ass, Yahoo. YOU destroyed democracy when you invalidated the votes of the American people.


Who is posting this Yahoo dogshit ?


But stealing an election is good for democracy according to the low IQ'ers at yahoo.


This is called liberal Midterm panic.


Considering an election was allowed to be stolen in broad daylight "Our Democracy" (I hate that phrase as we are actually a Republic; intended to be a Constitutional one but in practice a Banana) already is toast


If Yahoo and the rest of the Dino media isn’t burnt to the ground we’ll lose “our Democracy” - you fucking Commie Clowns

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2021-42-Su 06:42:20 am

If Yahoo and the rest of the Dino media isn’t burnt to the ground we’ll lose “out Democracy” - you fucking Commie Clowns


Yahoo is red diaper babies


Impeach the moron who left a trillion dollars work of weapons to our enemies.


Dave's not here man. David's lights are on but no one is home! This isn't the worst I've seen of leftist propaganda but it's close to the top of that list. Actually it could be useful for people to study the propaganda techniques used in writing this. Learn to read Pravada people. I must admit that I got a chuckle when David states that he got the ok to feel like he does after he talked to a Slate senior editor. Of course you did David.


By "our government" I'm going to assume Yahoo means "China" since that's who tells them what to write. Also, I hope they do this! We could really kick off a whole new civil rights movement! And the end fall will be the party of the KKK... finally destroys itself!

This could REALLY be a HUGE win across the board for civil rights! Expose the Democrats for the rabid racist despots they are!

You know what I'd really like to see... a TEN MILLION MAN MARCH, right up on Biden's doorstep!

Right on the ANNIVERSARY of January 6th!

Just like black Americans once marched for their civil rights... this time... this time we can march for EVERYBODY'S CIVIL RIGHTS!

Allow the Democrats to sour themselves into the DEMON ENEMY they truly are! Let them expose their true inhuman colors! Emperor Biden isn't wearing any dignity! :D

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